Generation of Code

Because building software is a tedious and error-prone activity, iMatix has heavily invested in R&D to automate this work. Model Oriented Programming (MOP), a top-notch method of generating code created by Pieter Hintjens and Jonathan Schultz over the course of more than 15 years, is based entirely on iMatix open source technology.

Libero, a code generator created by Pieter Hintjens in 1992, converts workflow models (also known as finite state machines) into code in any programming language.

The foundation of all iMatix technologies is code generation. Pieter Hintjens and Jonathan Schultz created the initial version of the general-purpose code generator known as “GSL” in 1996. Today, we build codebots (software machines that create code) with uncommon sophistication and competence using GSL.

MOP codebots produce almost all of the iMatix software today. Codebots are flawless: our software is incredibly dependable and consistently of the highest calibre.
processing of documents.

Creating websites has traditionally been expensive, but iMatix has created simple ways to cut costs.

We published htmlpp in 1997 as a tool to automate the creation of websites.

Long before wikis were even a thing, HTMLPP had the ability to convert plain text to HTML. This power inspired us to create Gurudoc, a programme that transforms plain text documentation into stunning websites, PDFs, and papers.


Software from iMatix has always been completely portable. Our work will be useful to as many developers and users as feasible thanks to portability. SFL, a portability library for C developers, was one of our first free offerings following Libero.

Our Xitami web server now functions on OS/2, OpenVMS, Beos, Linx, and Windows thanks to SFL.
Framework for multiple threads

We created the initial iteration of our SMT multithreading technology in 1995. The heart of our high-performance servers today is SMT/5.
software development was utilised.

Codebots are used by iMatix, a global leader in leveraged software development, to generate excellent code automatically. Each codebot is a specialist computer that converts a certain modelling language into target code; they are typically expensive to produce. To make the process of creating new codebots simple and affordable, we created the Model Oriented Programming technique. The most advanced code generation technology to date, anywhere, is most likely MOP.
Tools for free software that we actively create

  • Boom, a codebot is built.
  • Gurudoc is a codebot that creates documents.
  • Libero is a tool for state machine processes that generates code.
  • A codebot that creates codebots is called XNF.
  • iCL is an object-oriented literal programming class system.
  • A codebot for configuration data sets is called OPF.
  • SMT is a framework for creating multithreaded servers with great performance.
  • A framework for creating protocol servers and clients is called ASL.
  • GSL is a scripting language created specifically for creating codebots.
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