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We are rapidly growing more advanced, making organizations feel overwhelmed with all the data and complexity associated with managing their technology systems.

Tech Advisory

At Imatix, we try to give organisations the tools and advice they need to make smart choices about how to spend in technology.

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Outsource allows people to utilize, modify and redistribute for encouraging collaboration on software projects through innovation and experimentation.


Communication between your company and technology providers is vital in order to make deployment a smooth experience.

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Our training provide imparting skills, knowledge to an individual or group of people for safe and effective performance of tasks or jobs.


Tutoring provides additional help and is often an effective solution for struggling students in certain subjects or concepts.

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At iMatix, our goal is to offer businesses cutting-edge software solutions that unlock their data’s full potential and meet their goals. All our user-friendly programs enable businesses to quickly gain access to vital resources necessary for making informed decisions quickly and effortlessly.

Xitami is an open source web server developed by iMatix Corporation that is small, fast, portable and secure – perfect for personal, professional and commercial usage alike. Xitami was written using C programming language, running on Windows, Unix and Linux platforms. Designed for simplicity yet power, it serves static web pages along with dynamic CGI scripts or streaming media content.
Software developers and testers use Libero to debug and test software applications. It helps find, identify and fix bugs within code; optimize performance with optimization features such as code coverage optimisation; as well as perform code optimization with code coverage analysis features. With Libero as their trusted debugging companion they are sure of finding and fixing defects quickly in source code!
ZeroMQ allows applications to act both as publishers and subscribers; publishers send messages out, which subscribers then receive as part of asynchronous communication between applications without tight coupling; subscribers may subscribe to specific topics in order to selectively receive messages that meet their interests.
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Invest in Growth
iMatix helps companies maximise ROI and drive growth.
iMatix Cloud Enablement
iMatix helps organisations modernise their IT infrastructure while saving money.
Engineering Excellence
iMatix organised software engineering methodology uses advanced tools, methodologies, and procedures to develop solutions that surpass industry expectations.
Service Transformation
iMatix provides service transformation solutions for any size organisation. As business needs change, their flexible and scalable services allow companies to quickly scale up or down.
People Transformations
iMatix Talent Transformation solutions help companies find, develop, and hire elite people to boost productivity and happiness.
iMatix Global Career Opportunities
Want a Challenging and Rewarding Career? - iMatix offers fascinating careers with cutting-edge technology and chances to make a difference in an exciting sector!

Self Development Course

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