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Workday Benefits Training

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Workday Benefits is an integrated cloud human capital management solution offering various features designed to assist companies with administering employee benefits programs; its centralised employee data storage allows companies to help employee benefit plans easily.

Workday Benefits’ main feature, automation of benefits management tasks, can save time-consuming efforts while offering real-time employee eligibility information and plan details.

HR departments can utilise real-time access to this data for benefits plan design, employee communications, and making other vital decisions more effectively.

Workday Benefits provides reporting and analytics solutions that enable enterprises to gain greater insight into their employee benefits programs, with data on enrollment, use, cost trends and employee cost trends available; using this insight, companies can further optimise their offerings to attract and retain top talent.

Workday Benefits provides companies with a complete view of employee data to aid them in making better HR choices.

By merging payroll, time tracking and performance management with benefits administration capabilities, a 360-degree overview of employee lifecycle activities allows a company to make intelligent HR choices more efficiently.

Workday Benefits offers employees access to their benefits information anywhere and anytime on mobile phones or tablets via self-service portals optimised for smartphones or tablets.

They can enrol in benefits, change beneficiary details or manage eligibility within these self-service portals.

Workday Benefits provides firms an effective tool for automating benefits administration, providing real-time access to benefits information and making smarter HR strategy decisions.

Workday Benefits technology makes employee benefits administration simpler for employers and workers alike.

Administrators and plan administrators alike can easily manage and administer employee benefit plans with Workday Benefits for a pleasant employee benefits experience.

Workday Benefits technology automates time-consuming and complex benefits administration activities with unparalleled ease, helping reduce administrative overhead for an improved experience for you and your employees.

Furthermore, Workday Benefits boasts many additional strong capabilities beyond automating benefits administration alone.

Provide employees with an intuitive self-service platform to view benefits, update coverage and enrol for new uses, thus increasing employee happiness while alleviating HR strain.

The real-time data and analytics of Workday Benefits technology provide organisations valuable insight into participant benefits program participation, cost trends, employee satisfaction, and issues.

Workday Benefits technology enables organisations to administer benefits programs effectively, increase employee engagement and happiness levels, and make smarter benefits choices; whether your objective is streamlining administration or improving employee benefits provision, Workday Benefits may provide the solutions.

Corporate success requires hiring and retaining top talent; employer benefits packages significantly affect employee happiness and engagement.

This course introduces attendees to Workday Benefits technology and its capabilities; participants will learn how to expedite benefits administration, increase employee engagement and optimise benefits experiences.

Beginning with an introduction to Workday Benefits technology and employee benefits management, participants will explore its abilities for health & wellness programs, retirement savings plans and paid time off administration.

This course covers benefits enrollment, eligibility management, reporting and analytics with hands-on activities and case studies to hone Workday Benefits skills.

Students will leave this course having gained a thorough grasp of Workday Benefits technology and its potential; they’ll understand how they can utilise Workday Benefits to manage company benefits programs effectively while offering exceptional employee perks.                   Testimonials

Benefits administration software enables organisations to administer employee benefits packages better; its functionality ranges from enrolling employees into programs, processing claims and billing, and paying premiums to billing and collections processes and payments.
Workday Benefits is a human capital management software solution providing complete benefits administration to employees; automating and streamlining benefits gives employees self-service access to managing their benefits and provides HR Benefits Administrators with one central location to track programs, enrollment and compliance quickly and seamlessly.
Workday skills remain in high demand among businesses of all sizes who rely on cloud-based HR solutions; Workday specialists remain highly in demand as an HR talent solution.
Workday offers companies an ideal cloud-based human capital and financial management software system to oversee personnel and budget needs effectively, and it aims to make managing personnel and finances much simpler for firms worldwide.
That depends on your employment goals; Workday can offer numerous HR and financial management tools, making it an excellent place for newcomers.


  • Fundamental HR and benefits knowledge.
  • Experience using Workday or equivalent HR software.
  • Understanding of benefits regulations and compliance.
  • Outstanding analytical, problem-solving, teamwork, and independent skills, as well as MS Office proficiency or equivalent program proficiency required for this role, as well as experience reporting data analysis with Microsoft Office programs.


  • Employee Self-Service: Employee Self-Service in Workday Benefits makes enrollment, changes and eligibility seamless and effortless for every employee.
  • Integration with Payroll: Workday Benefits seamlessly interacts with Workday Payroll for accurate benefit deductions and reporting and simplified enrollment processes so workers can select their ideal benefits without hassle.
  • Benefits Analytics: Workday Benefits provides companies with powerful analytics and reporting capabilities for effectively monitoring benefits program utilisation and expenses using targeted metrics and reports.

Target audiences

  • HR and Benefits experts at medium to large enterprises.