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Workday Recruiting Training

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  • Comprehensive HR and recruitment expertise.
  • Workday HCM platform and module knowledge.
  • Ability to effectively utilise Workday Recruiting job requisitions, candidate profiles, interview feedback and offer management.
  • Integration experience between Workday Recruiting and other HR business systems; user access management in Workday Recruiting user account security settings.
  • Employer branding and applicant engagement best practices require knowledge.
  • Utilise Workday Recruiting's ability to resolve problems.


  • Complete CRM: It helps recruiters manage candidate data in one central place, including resumes, applications, interview notes, and more, which is ideal for streamlining recruitment workflow.
  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics: Workday Recruiting provides real-time reporting and analytics that allow companies to make data-driven recruitment decisions.
  • Collaboration Tools: Workday Recruiting's collaboration tools allow recruiters to share candidate info, schedule interviews, connect with candidates, and more easily find qualified talent.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Workday Recruiting allows recruiters to access candidate data and manage recruitment processes from any device, while its seamless integration with payroll and benefits administration systems makes recruitment processes even more straightforward.

Target audiences

  • HR and recruiters who hire and manage staff.
  • Talent acquisition teams focus on recruiting the right employees; business leaders oversee company growth; technology infrastructure implementers and maintainers work alongside these experts; companies seek to streamline hiring and improve recruitment efforts by using talent acquisition teams as needed.

Workday Recruiting is an advanced software solution designed to streamline and optimise recruitment across any size enterprise, helping firms easily attract, engage and hire top talent; its vast suite of tools and capabilities allows firms to engage and acquire top talent quickly and effectively easily.

It integrates seamlessly with HR and payroll to oversee the employee lifecycle, giving recruiters real-time data on candidate pipeline, job requisition progress, and hiring manager input for improved hiring decisions.

Workday Recruiting’s advanced search and matching technology enables recruiters to quickly source top talent for any position opening, while its mobile-first candidate experience makes applying and tracking opportunities effortless.

Workday Recruiting’s powerful reporting and analytics engine also keeps an eye on time-to-fill rates, cost-per-hire ratios and candidate sources; using this data, recruitment strategies may be improved while areas for enhancement are identified.

It integrates with third-party job boards and social media platforms to allow companies to reach more candidates, increase job visibility, and recruit the best talent from diverse sources.

Workday Recruiting is an innovative technology solution designed to assist businesses of all sizes in attracting, engaging, and hiring top talent more easily; its comprehensive features, integrations, and reporting can help firms looking to enhance recruitment practices and business results.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface and extensive features, HR professionals find this software indispensable, from candidate sourcing and screening through onboarding and beyond.

Workday Recruiting works seamlessly with HR and payroll applications for an enhanced HR experience; recruiters can utilise Workday Recruiting’s integration to access candidate data such as employment history and salary expectations and collaborate more efficiently with HR teams.

Resourcing solutions include job requisition management, candidate sourcing, screening tools, interview scheduling services and onboarding tools.

Workday Recruiting’s automated and optimised solutions make recruiting more straightforward for small businesses just starting up or large enterprises with complex recruitment needs.

Workday Recruiting technologies help companies attract and retain top employees quickly, expediting recruitment processes while improving candidate experiences to enhance and optimise talent acquisition strategies.

Learners will gain the skills required to leverage Workday Recruiting technology effectively within their organisations and gain complete mastery over its potential.

Participants will acquire knowledge on job requisition management, candidate sourcing, application management, interview scheduling and offer management, and onboarding through Workday Recruiting.

Learners will learn to use Workday Recruiting to increase applicant engagement, hiring manager collaboration and recruitment effectiveness.

This course also gives learners practical experience using Workday Recruiting to manage real-life recruitment challenges.

Experience, professional coaching and interactive conversations will equip participants to install and use Workday Recruiting technology within their organisations with confidence and competence.

Attendees will gain an in-depth knowledge of Workday Recruiting technology and its features, which enables them to develop efficient, cost-effective talent acquisition strategies that meet organisational objectives.

After attending this training course, participants should understand its capabilities, allowing them to develop comprehensive plans tailored to their organisation’s goals using Workday Recruiting technology and its features.


Workday Recruitment is cloud-based software designed to streamline and optimise recruitment for enterprises; among its capabilities are job requisition management, candidate sourcing, monitoring, interview scheduling, and offer administration, reporting and analytics capabilities.
Workday provides businesses with an effective solution for streamlining HR operations, with HR-specific features including recruiting, time tracking, payroll processing and benefits administration, and performance monitoring and evaluation.
Workday, the human capital management software, helps companies manage HR operations and tasks more efficiently; its uses range from finance, payroll, and time tracking to HR teams for recruiting, onboarding performance management, and benefits administration tools for employee data administration.
Workday skills are in demand for technical skills in human resources and finance environments; Wikipedia describes it as cloud-based human capital management software for streamlining company operations.
Without knowing more about Workday and your professional goals, it can be hard to say whether this software company meets them; Workday offers both human resource management software and financial control tools so that they may make an attractive option for tech or HR specialists alike.