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Workday is an industry leader in human capital management and financial management software solutions.

It is known for offering Workday BIRT, its business intelligence and reporting platform that equips organisations to access, interpret and report data to make smarter decisions and perform at higher levels.

Workday BIRT technology, businesses can use analytics and reporting data more effectively to make better decisions that boost overall performance and performance levels.

Workday offers several capabilities and tools for users to easily create reports, dashboards, and charts that meet their business requirements; in addition to Workday itself, third-party systems support Workday data sources to give users a holistic overview of their activities.

Workday BIRT features an intuitive user interface designed for ease of use, making report production and edits possible even without technical expertise; its prebuilt report templates and dashboards may also be customised according to company needs.

Predictive analytics and machine learning help users better comprehend their data and make smarter decisions; users can collaborate easily by sharing reports or dashboards with colleagues or stakeholders on this platform.

Workday BIRT can handle large data sets efficiently while remaining highly scalable through its powerful reporting and analytics features, making it suitable for startups and larger organisations.

It is an excellent addition to startups and large firms’ data processing and management tools arsenals.

Workday BIRT is a robust business intelligence and reporting platform designed to assist organisations in gathering, analysing and reporting data to make more informed decisions and boost performance.

It includes everything needed for analysis, creating custom reports or dashboards relating to any part of their organisation, or providing customised dashboards or commentaries on specific initiatives or operations results.

Workday BIRT is an adaptable reporting and analytics platform designed to assist organisations in effectively using data; business intelligence professionals rely on this open-source Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools platform.

Attract Human Capital Management & Financial Management Software is an established provider that utilises BIRT technology for user-friendly reporting and analytics capabilities.

Users can quickly create and personalise data-driven reports and dashboards using this technology, with charts, graphs and tables that may be tailored specifically to each user. Furthermore, sharing messages and dashboards among team members simplifies collaboration as teams make data-based choices.

Workday BIRT excels in flexibility; seamlessly connecting to relational databases, cloud-based apps, and more makes data access and analysis from numerous sources simpler for consumers, providing them with a holistic view of their organisation’s data.

Data Validation, Transformation and Visualisation tools available within Workday BIRT enable users to maximise the data; with these features in place, they can clean, alter and visualise data as required before showing it in an easily understandable and actionable format.

Workday BIRT is an advanced, flexible reporting and analytics solution with comprehensive capabilities and versatility that may improve data use; its versatility makes it essential to any organisation of any size and sector.                  Testimonials

"BIRT" stands for Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool and refers to Workday's report, dashboard creation and management features; with its data collection and analysis features, it helps users gain greater insight into human resources management, payroll processing, time tracking, timesheet reporting and management as well as financial planning for any given organisation.
BIRT technology is an open-source data visualisation, report writing and dashboard platform capable of producing dynamic information such as interactive charts or graphs using its extensive toolset and capabilities.
BIRT, short for Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools, is open-source data visualisation and report software designed for visualising data in reports or charts and Business Intelligence analysis; its components include a report designer, chart engine and data source framework for definition and creation purposes.
Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools is open-source software developed and maintained by the Eclipse Foundation; it integrates with many data sources and platforms and features report designers, charting engines, integration modules for data sources, and more advanced features that make its usage effortless and flexible.
Financial and commercial data can be exchanged using "Banking Industry Reports and Technical Information," an exchange format popularly utilised by financial institutions and enterprises for exchanging financial and business records among clients and partners; using these files for accounts transference reports, etc, are everyday use scenarios.


  • Proficiency with Workday HCM and its data model.
  • Understanding of ETL and data integration.
  • Experience creating crystal reports or Tableau reports, and visualising data visually is required, in addition to knowledge of the BIRT framework and features.
  • Experience in Workday BIRT architecture and development is required, along with expertise with Workday SDK and Java.
  • It is also needed for creating data workflows and integration processes, as well as data validation and quality assurance processes and fixing any data integration concerns that arise during implementation processes.


  • Data Integration: Workday BIRT technology makes data integration possible by extracting, transforming, and loading data from multiple systems into Workday.
  • Reporting and Analytics: It enables users to generate custom reports for analysis with charts, graphs, tables, etc.
  • Advanced data visualisation: Allows users to generate interactive and dynamic visualisations to gain insight.
  • Data Security User authentication, role-based access control, and encryption are safeguards to protect sensitive information stored.
  • Scalability: Workday BIRT's technology easily handles large data volumes and multiple users, making it perfect for enterprise businesses.
  • Workday HCM Integration: It seamlessly interfaces with Workday HCM so users have one platform for all HR and finance activities.
  • Extensible Architecture: Users can apply custom logic and calculations directly onto reports and dashboards.
  • Cloud-Based Deployment: Workday BIRT technology offers secure data and report management in the cloud. Target Audience