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SAP HANA Training

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German software giant SAP SE developed SAP HANA as an in-memory database platform.

SAP HANA was developed with one goal: revolutionising how businesses handle data processing and analytics. Since its debut in 2010, this technology has quickly established itself as one of the premier real-time data processing systems available today.

Firms now can make decisions faster and with greater precision than ever. Its In-memory computing refers to computing systems in which information is stored in RAM rather than traditional disk-based storage devices for processing purposes.

SAP HANA Training teaches you all you need to know about the extraordinary mix of hardware and software technologies that enables SAP HANA.

At its core, SAP HANA was created to take full advantage of cloud computing’s unique abilities. Its architecture, retrieving and processing data are swift processes without the need for cumbersome disc I/O operations.

SAP HANA can deliver real-time insights and analysis on massive volumes of data by eliminating this bottleneck – giving organisations greater agility to respond more rapidly to shifts in the market.

SAP HANA stands out among competitors as capable of processing structured and unstructured data in real-time, one of its significant benefits.

Data integration capabilities extend beyond databases, warehouses, and external systems like social media websites and SAP HANA Training to include all conceivable sources without disrupting any one or more domains.

SAP HANA is an in-memory solid data platform that enables organisations to utilise real-time data to make educated business choices that are also correct promptly.

Integrating data gives businesses a clearer view of their operations and customers, giving them more informed decision-making power.

SAP HANA Training helps businesses of various industries leverage the myriad features and applications of SAP HANA across numerous sectors.

SAP HANA can serve a vital function as a data warehousing platform, offering reliable analytics and reporting from different data sources consolidated into one unified platform.

The SAP HANA certification validates your ability to design, develop, implement, and optimise real-time applications built on the SAP HANA platform. This certification is earned by successful completion of a series of exams.

Platform’s extensive analytical capabilities, businesses can unearth insights, identify patterns and predict future trends – ultimately driving operational efficiency and competitive advantage for themselves.

SAP HANA Training will give enterprises insight into the efficient platform for developing and running custom apps explicitly tailored to their business needs.

Due to its open design and comprehensive set of development tools, enterprises can develop custom-tailored apps that meet the specific needs of individual enterprise clients.

SAP HANA provides a versatile and adaptable environment, ideal for app development. From real-time dashboards and predictive models to sophisticated analytics applications, HANA offers everything needed for app creation.

Individuals may understand the many components and tools of SAP HANA and gain the experience necessary to become a successful HANA architect by enrolling in SAP HANA Online Training, which provides a platform for individuals to learn about SAP HANA.

SAP HANA excels at data-driven decision-making. Businesses may use it to quickly gain insights and make data-based decisions by taking advantage of its capacity for real-time processing of vast volumes of information.

Retailers, supply chain specialists and finance teams can use real-time sales data analysis for inventory optimization and real-time financial analyses to assist with budgeting and forecasting processes.

Companies find implementing cutting-edge technologies like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) much more straightforward than SAP HANA’s support of such tools.

Organisations can automate complex processes, quickly detect anomalies and produce accurate forecasts by integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies with SAP HANA.

Companies’ ability to seize new opportunities, increase operational efficiencies, and spur innovation is enhanced through real-time data processing and advanced analytics capabilities.

Over recent years, SAP HANA has expanded beyond its original on-premises roots into cloud computing as its primary deployment model.

Businesses can leverage the scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency cloud infrastructure offers through SAP HANA Cloud’s web-based version. Businesses using SAP HANA Cloud can quickly set up and scale instances of SAP HANA that meet their exact business requirements quickly and cost-efficiently.

Organisations no longer have to invest heavily in infrastructure up-front; they gain access to cutting-edge features and upgrades.

SAP HANA Training can give businesses the skills and knowledge they need to use SAP HANA’s unique data processing and analytics capabilities.

Organisations can unlock the total value of their data to generate innovation and remain ahead in an increasingly competitive business climate, in-memory computing capabilities, extensive data integration features, advanced analytics features and cloud readiness.

SAP HANA will continue to play an essential part in enterprise computing, whether that means optimising business processes, improving customer experiences, or driving decision-making through data.



SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform designed for real-time data analytics and corporate applications that allows rapid processing of massive datasets while offering predictive analytics features and quick app development.
SAP HANA's In-Memory Computing Engine: Real-time analytics and data processing. Advanced Data Processing: SAP HANA calculation views of business operations. Business Intelligence Tools: Reports, visualises, and self-analyses system data using OLAP, Tabular, and Analytic models.
Three SAP HANA types: Enterprise Edition: SAP's basic production edition includes analytics, data modelling, and data services functionalities. Standard Edition: This limited Enterprise Edition is for non-production situations. Express Edition: A free SAP HANA version for development and testing.
SAP HANA is an in-memory relational database management system developed and sold by SAP SE.
Financial and management accounting (FI/CO) SD (Sales and Distribution) Material Administration (MA)
SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) SAP S/4 HANA (High-performance Analytical Appliance)
Yes. HANA requires coded applications in either SQL Script or ABAP. Its in-memory design allows it to handle vast data faster than traditional databases, necessitating custom development for optimal performance.
SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing) is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite that helps companies manage local and worldwide business activities with one integrated system. SAP enhances corporate efficiency and performance across various operations by streamlining corporate administration.
SAP HANA can make for an excellent career choice! Your expertise with it could open doors in development or consulting work - not to mention analytics, data modelling and programming tasks you could delve into!
SAP HANA certification costs vary based on product, delivery style and level. An SAP HANA certificate typically costs $500-1,600 USD.


  • Basic understanding of relational databases.
  • Good comprehension of basic principles regarding Linux OS.
  • Knowledge of ANSI SQL.
  • Data modelling Skills.
  • Ability to comprehend enterprise IT landscape.
  • Knowledge of In-Memory Computing, Multi-Core Processing and High-Performance Analytical Processing (HPA).


  • SAP HANA, a breakthrough in-memory, column-oriented Database platform, provides complete business applications and development tools for organisations to gain real-time insights from their data.
  • It combines advanced analytics processing, data provisioning, and streaming data. SAP HANA offers powerful data modelling, predictive analytics, natural language processing, data visualisation, and predictive maintenance.
  • It also helps organisations organise and handle data from different sources more efficiently.
  • Ultimately, this may all come together into an automated monitoring process of SAP's performance.
  • HANA offers in-memory computing capabilities that enable users to instantly store and analyse large volumes of data in real-time, providing faster insights. HANA allows real-time analytical processing on massive datasets to deliver faster insights for faster decision-making processes.
  • HANA allows rapid data manipulation without needing an ETL process or warehouse, saving time and effort when dealing with large data sets.
  • HANA offers Data Integration and Replication capabilities from multiple sources (databases, applications and analytics systems). At the same time, Cloud Computing makes HANA manageable by automating administration, scaling resources quickly and cost-efficient deployment of this cloud service solution.

Target audiences

  • SAP HANA is an innovative data platform that stores data in memory for use by larger businesses, offering real-time insights and reacting quickly to market shifts. Suitable for both individual use and collaboration among several companies at once, HANA provides businesses of any size with real-time insight while responding swiftly when necessary.
  • As mentioned previously, data-driven decision-making capabilities provide businesses with additional benefits.
  • SAP HANA was developed with data scientists, business analysts, data architects, IT administrators and business intelligence experts as its target audiences in mind.
  • Additionally, this platform may prove advantageous to developers, instructors and researchers working on enterprise-scale projects.
  • SAP HANA can add tremendous value to an organisation regarding understanding its data, improving operational efficiencies and driving innovation.