ZeroMQ is our quickest open-source messaging library. Smart, light, and portable. ZeroMQ’s socket-like interface lets you send messages in any of its supported programming languages. Its active community will answer your inquiries.

OpenAMQ Broker

AMQP was first produced by OpenAMQ. We constructed this while designing the AMQP protocol, which we gave to an industry workgroup in 2006. Like Xitami, OpenAMQ is small, fast, portable, and simple. The current open source release handles JPMorganChase’s largest trading system, processing over 500 million messages daily.

Xitami Webserver

Xitami was in ServerWatch’s 1998 and 1999 Hall of Fame and downloaded over 500,000 times. Xitami was the first open source web server to leverage virtual multithreading, which made it fast and portable to all versions of Windows, Linux, Unix, OS/2, and others. Xitami outperformed Apache under load. iMatix stopped maintaining Xitami in 2001 but still provides security updates.

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