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Xitami is an affordable portable web server distributed with source code under an open license agreement, taking just seconds to deploy on most servers. Please take a minute and read it!

What sets Xitami apart?

At iMatix, software portability is taken very seriously; our goal is to make software portable as effortlessly as possible for our customers. When installing Xitami you may be amazed at its ease – with everything already configured you don’t even need to change any options to run the program! You won’t find another platform capable of supporting our software better! At our iMatix offices or virtual offices worldwide you won’t find greater portability anywhere! At our virtual offices you won’t even notice we installed software portably! At iMatix we take portability seriously and make software portable without compromise – something other vendors cannot match. You won’t find anywhere else! When installed from an iMatix server you won’t even notice how easily Xitami installs; being fully configured from its origin, no options need be changed before running it in its entirety either! At iMatix software comes fully configured out- of- the- box! iMatix makes software portable by making installation effortless: daruit will amaze yourself how easily Xitami installs; its fully configured configuration means no changes need be changed while running it with zero configuration changes necessary by iMatix! Xitami doesn’t even iMatix! At our software portability becomes reality: its installation makes software portability reality: without changing options to get running it at once you just plug&#0: We make software portability real: daruitix and at its home for Windows 95+NT users can install. i Xitami comes ready configured, you won’t even Xitami can quickly Installs installation is completely setup process takes less than you won’t require no customizations fully configured software setup required from start up-s!

Xitami is designed for small web servers requiring speed. Built using engineering tools we created specifically for multithreaded TCP/IP servers, its architecture comprises modularized components designed as portable building blocks that make extending or reincorporating easy.

Are You A Software Developer? If you are, be sure to visit iMatix home page and explore all our products; in particular Libero, SFL and SMT which make Xitami fast and portable can be useful tools in any project; they should certainly come in handy should your plans include expanding Xitami.

Summary of Xitami Features Server supports HTTP/1.0, FTP, CGI/1.1 and SSI protocols as well as server-side image maps with user-defined MIME types for user registration; on-the-fly server reconfiguration capabilities with customizable error messages for multilingual HTML documents and CGI scripts, HTTP GET, HEAD, PUT, DELETE MOVE COPIY methods as well as customizable HTTP headers are supported;

  • Security features: Basic authentication per directory, FTP access rights for each user and directory, on-the-fly user management including password administration and management, Unix setuid user ID restriction to restrict IP addresses only access, safe CGIs with SSL option (Xitami/Pro).
  • Logging: CLF, IIS, XML and custom log file formats as well as programmed log file cycling; Asynchronous reverse DNS lookups. Virtual Hosts: multihoming HTTP and FTP hosts with full independent configuration for logs files, web spaces and access rights per virtual host 

Configuration can be accomplished either with editable config files or via an online web-based administration interface (WBA), featuring virtual host wizard, server control (restart/terminate), active connection monitor and complete customization of server options, security policies, users etc;

Applications include direct support for CGI scripts written in Perl, Awk, Rexx and Python; support for plug-in extensions via the WSX protocol for plug-in extensions; dynamic web pages using the SSI protocol under Windows; support for filters using filter protocol for custom web page filters; as well as persistent (fast CGI) applications written in Perl C Python Java and Servlets using LRWP Protocol;

  • Deployment: Installs ready-to-run, compatible with Windows, OS/2, Unix and OpenVMS platforms and fully portable web sites and web applications;
  • Performance: Internal multithreading engine ensures fast performance even on slower systems while keeping footprint small with options to restrict HTTP and FTP connections plus FTP quota manager capabilities.