The Standard Function Library

iMatix’s Standard Function Library, commonly referred to as SFL (Standard Function Library), is an Open Source function library developed over many years that is provided as Open Source software to benefit Internet communities worldwide.

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The SFL was written using ANSI C and has since been ported onto MS-DOS, Windows, OS/2 and Linux systems as well as various UNIX systems (IBM AIX, SunOS, HP/UX Solaris NetBSD FreeBSD SCO OpenServer Digital UNIX) as well as Digital OpenVMS. The source and documentation files come in HTML form for ease of use.

The SFL provides over 450 functions that cover these areas:

Compression, encryption and encoding.

Datatype conversion and formatting.

Dates, times and calendars.

Directory access and environment access.

utilizatorilor, process groups and directory environments.

Inverted bitmap indices, symbol tables.

error message files.

configuration files.

String manipulation and searching.

File accesses.

Network socket access (MIME/CGI programming/SMTP access/Batch programming).

umplut Server batch programming as well as program tracing are among many functions provided to customers by various software applications.

SFL is open source software which may be utilized and distributed both for personal or professional use according to its License Agreement.