How Can I Use Libero?

Design Your Program Visually as a State Diagram: Choose Your Programming Language: Generating Framework For Your Program;

Fill-in the framework to turn rapid prototype to working program; repeat until your program is perfect.

Which languages should I use for programming my prototype/working program?



Java C+ +

Perl Awk

UNIX shells – Korn shell, BASH shell and Bourne shell as well as C shell have all been implemented by Rexx to facilitate MS Visual Basic MS Test Basic COBOLPL/SQL

Libero uses an open-ended approach, with support for various languages besides MS 80×86 Assembler and ASLR Assembler, via its code generator engine. To generate code in specific languages, users write new schemas (similar to scripting or programming languages like Perl) with Libero’s schema language.

Libero can run on Windows, MS-DOS, VAX/VMS and UNIX systems. It comes complete with full portable ANSI C sources for quick installation. There’s even an install shortcut! To discover all its capabilities go here. But for what purposes might I use Libero?

Libero can help simplify any complex program which risks looking like spaghetti: realtime programming, multithreaded programming, software robots, communications clients/servers/games/install scripts/parsers. But why would I want to use Libero?

Your work becomes simpler to understand, maintain, and reuse.

Freedom from language-dependent styles! Libero was developed over 10 years of research on ways of making programs simpler to write and maintain; its principles make coding better easier if that is your aim; for that matter if writing better programs is your aim, look at Libero now.


Where Can I Purchase Libero?

From iMatix, a commercial license of Libero can be purchased. This grants contractual access to support and updates while Libero remains free software distributed according to GNU general public license terms. For further inquiries into Libero commercial licenses please reach out directly.

Libero is often mistakenly described as either freeware or shareware; this is inaccurate: Libero is free software and anyone may charge any fee they choose; we (or anyone) also retains our right to charge fees; but its source code remains free forevermore and any improvements to it fall under its terms; thus improvements made are for everyone’s benefit.


How does GNU GPL Impact my Work?

Libero doesn’t dictate or force its users to apply the GNU GPL; that decision remains your own, however. Libero-generated code bears no copyright statement and thus falls outside the purview of GNU GPL coverage just like code generated from compilers does.

If your development includes Libero source code as part of its codebase, that creates a “derived product”, which falls under GNU GPL license terms. We advise separating out such projects cleanly to maintain legality of either type.