Welcome To GSLgen

GSLgen is a general-purpose file generator. It generates source code, data files or any other files from an XML and schema file combination describing a set of data in an XML file and telling GSLgen what should happen with those data points.

GSLgen relies on two powerful concepts. First, we utilize XML as the language for data object description – modern, clean and self-describing in nature – followed by using GSL for schema manipulation of all kinds. Together these provide a strong but simple solution to an everyday challenge of producing source code or text output mechanically from templates (schemas) or object definitions (object definitions).

Schema-based code generation can be extremely valuable to those capable of abstracting problems and can take many forms, like GSLgen: Here are just a few things it can help with:

* Generate interfaces between programs. Normally, interface objects are specified using XML before code is generated to pack and unpack these objects. GSLgen offers an efficient means for creating custom generators which produce code in any language – ideal for passing data between components written using different languages running on various systems.
* Generating programs to access databases. We do this frequently: it just requires us to select which table(s) we wish to work with before creating subroutines to interact with it and SQL scripts to manage its creation/maintenance/upkeep – an efficient method for building applications compatible with any relational database system.

GSLgen makes this task straightforward by producing HTML or other representations of data objects and converting data between formats (for instance converting an XML file). * Generating HTML documents that represent data objects. * Converting data formats – GSLgen can handle this seamlessly!

GSLgen is a portable command-line tool you can easily integrate into scripts or other tools, while it also comes as a module that you can integrate with your own applications to build XML processing tools or code generators.
iMatix Corporation has made GSLgen available as Open Source so you can leverage its power for use in your own applications. Prebuilt installation packages for Windows, Linux and OS/2 are provided while you may also compile GSLgen from its source code provided.

GSLgen requires knowledge of basic Extensible Markup Language (XML). To use GSLgen, download and build from source kit before uploading SFL library from as part of package setup process.

GSLgen also comes as an executable available for Windows users. To build GSLgen from its full source kit, download and build SFL package before running build command in GSLgen SRC directory – this creates both executable and library needed by applications linking against this codebase.