We continuously innovate rather than repackaging and reselling other people’s ideas. And that’s insufficient. Before implementing our technologies for your crucial ICT solutions, we also make sure they have been thoroughly tested, reliable, and proved. Thousands of ICT professionals and organisations worldwide use our tools and products.

Our GSL code generating technologies enable us to produce superior apps more quickly.

Our Internet Application Framework (iAF) gives all domains a strong foundation for unique applications.

We can connect front-end applications to back-end systems over any network and using any combination of platforms thanks to our STEP middleware technology.

We can easily and rapidly integrate with other apps thanks to our XML tools.

For custom programming, our OpenKernel development platform offers a wealth of features.

Our Distributed Workflow Engine makes it simple for you to control intricate business procedures.


Distribute and field-test our essential technologies via the Internet.


  • Over a million people have downloaded our product overall.
  • One of the best web servers ever created is definitely Xitami.
  • The best code generation tool ever created is definitely GSLgen.
  • The peer-to-peer middleware technology STEP represents is arguably the best ever created.

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