“iMatix has been an excellent partner, demonstrating high levels of commitment which allowed us to roll out the project efficiently and deliver the exceptional market services our customers demand.” — John O’Hara, then executive director and senior architect at JPMorganChase bank.

We offer world-class architecture, training, tuning, deployment and maintenance planning, staff selection and sourcing, and technical infrastructure design and development.

Our clients appreciate our ability to solve their largest and riskiest infrastructure problems without stress. It's no accident: iMatix has been building business-critical infrastructure for multinational businesses since 1991.

Our clients like that we can call on a global network of hundreds of domain specialists, no matter what the challenge, location, or deadline.

We don't just write software, we help you identify the right problems to solve, and we work with you to solve them in order, the right way. Software quality means: accuracy, simplicity of use, performance, consistency.

We do much more than technical work. Software is about people, and we know people. Whether it's your users, management, or staff, we understand their needs and help bring them into win-win relationships, through software.

On-site consultancy is time & materials, with travel time counted at 50%. Technical support for non-Linux platforms requires a support contract. On Linux, we're happy to do this on an hourly or daily basis. Architectural advice, training, and other non-platform specific activities do not require a support contract. Senior staff travel business or first.