IT-Solutions Portfolio Solvians

 For all of the system’s components, Solvians IT-Solutions GmbH uses iMatix 0MQ as a message-oriented middleware. We are able to adjust the volume of the dataflow because we are employing independent 0MQ data containers. According to tests, 0MQ can process up to 910,000 messages per second, but when the system must switch to disc-offload mode, that number drops to more than 330,000 messages per second. According to our tests, the new design can process the current dataflow coming from our client up to ten times faster than the previous one.

Between 2004 and 2007, iMatix helped JPMorganChase create a new messaging protocol (AMQP), deploy it as a software product (OpenAMQ), and transition their largest investment bank trading system to OpenAMQ from a vintage middleware. In December 2006, the final leg of this international migration—to London, Tokyo, New York, and Johannesburg—was finished. A member of the AMQP workgroup is iMatix.

Cisco Systems research and development

 Research on the creation of extremely fast AMQP servers based on the SCTP and PGM (multicast) protocols is being done by iMatix and Cisco.

In collaboration with and on behalf of JPMorganChase, iMatix CEO Pieter Hintjens created the first public AMQP specifications.

Manpower’s UltraSource web-based HR procurement system was created, implemented, run, and maintained by iMatix from 1998 until the present. Clients in the US, Germany, Holland, Japan, and the UK employed Manpower’s first successful international web application, UltraSource. Using C/C++/VB/ASP/SQL and SQLServer on Windows 2000, we created UltraSource. NTT in Tokyo is an illustration client for Manpower UltraSource, who uses it to manage work orders for more than 1,500 of its vendors.

For CBR Belgium, automation in industry

 For CBR’s Ghent factory, we constructed a factory automation system between 2000 and 2002. The client’s SAP system is linked to the factory’s industrial network by this completely automated dispatching system, enabling unattended 24/7 cement delivery. A ten-person iMatix team developed a full software and hardware solution, including custom-built automated kiosks. Since delivery in 2002, we have had no downtime that has been recorded. We used C, VB, Oracle, C++, and a combination of Windows, Unix, and Linux to create the dispatching system. The kiosks were made of stainless steel.

We created a digital ordering and payment system for Heineken for use in Nigeria between 1999 and 2001. To exchange orders and payments between sites (Nigeria had no internet connectivity, only rudimentary dial-up), the dot-beer system employed secure, dependable email.

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