The Open Source platform for creating Internet services is called OpenKernelTM by iMatix Corporation. It offers tools for compilation, multithreading, portability, state machine processing, and code generation. The well-liked Xitami web server from iMatix is built on top of OpenKernel.

A complete platform for the development of Internet services and applications.

Portable to BeOS, OS/2, Linux, Unix, Windows, and OpenVMS systems.

Comprised of the potent GSLgen code generator.

The iMatix SFL portability library is included.

The iMatix SMT multithreading kernel is included.

Comes with the iMatix Libero code-building tool.

Complete source code is accessible under a permissive Open Source licence.


Create a comprehensive toolkit for quick and portable Internet servers and apps.


100% of OpenKernel servers can run ANSI C.
Since 1996, OpenKernel has been utilised in operational systems.

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