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Greetings from Xitami

Welcome to the online documentation for Xitami. These articles explain how to set up Xitami for your needs and how to utilise it. Additionally, there is a sizable FAQ section with responses to a lot of commonly asked issues. Read this FAQ before requesting technical support The Xitami discussion group is a vibrant community and a great location to pose inquiries and raise relevant topics.

Visit the Download Corner to download Xitami.

If you use Xitami, sign up right away to learn about updates and issue patches. Send us an email with the subject “register” and any further remarks you may have to get started.

A top-notch free portable web server is Xitami. In accordance with a permissive Licence Agreement, it is distributed with the source code. Skim this. Most UNIX systems, OS/2, OpenVMS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT as well were supported.

Xitami’s difference?

Most UNIX systems, OS/2, OpenVMS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT as well were supported. We at iMatix make portable software a reality.
The simplicity with which Xitami installs will surprise you. You don’t need to modify a single setting for the software to work because it comes pre-configured.
Because it is built on strong software engineering tools that we created for multithreaded TCP/IP servers, Xitami is compact, quick, and reliable.
Xitami was developed as a collection of transportable, reusable components, unlike any other web server. Extending and reincorporating it is simple.

Software developers can browse iMatix’s products on our homepage. The special software tools that make Xitami quick and portable are Libero, SFL, and SMT. They are free to use in any project, and you need them if you wish to expand Xitami.
Xitami Feature Synopsis

HTTP/1.0, FTP, CGI/1. PUT, DELETE, MOVE, and COPY methods, and customizable HTTP headers are all supported by the server;
Security: basic directory-level authentication, user- and directory-specific FTP access privileges, dynamic user and password management

HTTP/1.1 virtual hosts that support multihoming, HTTP/1.1 multihoming, and full independent setup (log files, web spaces, access privileges, etc.) each virtual host;
A web-based administrative interface (WBA) that includes a virtual host wizard, server control (restart, terminate), an active connection monitor, and complete configuration of server parameters, security, users, etc. is configurable; Applications: WSX for plug-in extensions, SSI for dynamic web pages, ISAPI under Windows, filter protocol for arbitrary web page filters, and LRWP for persistent (quick CGI) applications in Perl, C, Python, Java, and Java Servlets; Perl, Awk, Rexx, and Python CGI script support; Installs fully portable web sites and web apps that are ready-to-use and portable to Windows, OS/2, Unix, and OpenVMS;
Performance: internal multithreading engine, quick even on sluggish systems, compact footprint, ability to limit HTTP and FTP connections, FTP quota management.

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