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grew up in Scotland and East Africa, and attended the University of York to study computer science.
working as a software architect and assisting businesses in the development of major software programmes since 1984.

iMatix Corporation, his business, was founded in 1998.
His specialties include creating very large software systems and clearly explaining complicated concepts.
The Xitami web server and other iMatix software technology tools are among the main works.
I served as the OpenAMQ middleware server’s primary developer and chief architect between 2004 and 2006.
I was elected president of the FFII, the organisation that represents small- to medium-sized IT enterprises in Europe, in 2005.
The CAPSoff campaign was started in 2006 as an illustration of “wikiturfing,” or operating a grassroots campaign using just free internet technologies.
In his ample leisure time, he writes, plays the guitar, enjoys Brussels, and spends time with his lovely wife and kid.
is a part of the FFII, Rotary International, and Mensa.

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