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with unrestricted support for more languages. A programmable code generation engine is used by Libero. To generate language-specific code, you establish a schema. When created with Libero’s schema language, a schema is similar to a script or programme.

Where Can I Download Libero to My Computer?

Windows, MS-DOS, VAX/VMS, and UNIX are supported by Libero.
It comes with comprehensive portable ANSI C sources.
Quick link to Libero installation.

What Can Libero Be Used For?

All intricate programmes that could possibly resemble spaghetti,
Games, communications clients and servers, software robotics, multithreaded programming, real-time programming
Install parsers and scripts.

Libero lets me write complex programmes faster and better.
Your work is simpler to comprehend, keep up with, and reuse.
You are freed from linguistic conventions.

Libero is the result of ten years of investigation into how to make programmes simpler to create and maintain. It’s really fairly straightforward: look at Libero if you want to build better programmes.

Do You Sell Libero?

Libero’s commercial licence is available from iMatix. You have a legal right to support and updates under this licence. Libero is GNU GPL-licensed. Contact us about Libero’s commercial licence.

‘Freeware’ or’shareware’ are other names for Libero. Libero is free software, yet this is untrue. Libero may be purchased for a fee by us (or anybody else). This is not a concern of ours. However, Libero’s source code cannot ever—under any circumstances—be regarded as proprietary. It is and always will be free. Based on those sources, if a superior version is created, it is subject to the same restrictions as Libero. Therefore, Libero’s advances are for everyone’s gain.

How Does My Work Affect By The GNU GPL?

You are responsible for the applications you create with Libero. We make no effort to force you to licence your work under the GNU GPL. Of course, you’re allowed to do that as well. In the same way that code produced by a compiler belongs to the firm that created the compiler, Libero’s code is not protected by the GNU GPL and does not bear any copyright statements.

When you include portions of the Libero source code into a new project, you create a “derived product” that is protected by the GNU GPL. We advise that you neatly separate the development if you must combine a derived product with non-derived work.

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