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A Libero schema for PHPLIB, developed by Bernard de Rubinat, based on Attilio’s PHP schema. Provides a framework for web development using Libero and PHP.

iMatix Studio Technical white paper: what is Studio, how does it work?

An alternative VB schema for Libero which lets you handle user-interface events as they occur. Lets you write VB dialog programs that truly interact with the user interface.

An alternative C++ schema for Libero that directly generates state patterns, instead of using the conventional dialog tables. Includes documentation in various formats. Requires Libero 2.30 or later.

An alternative schema for Libero that directly graphical documentation from a Libero dialog. Includes documentation in various formats.

This tool generates documentation in HTML format from C source files. The source code needs to keep to some conventions. We use this to generate the documentation for SFL, SMT, and our other libraries. This tool is best suited to source libraries. Requires Perl 4 or 5

Generates a HTML hyperview of a Libero source program and dialog. This is a very convenient way to browse the source code; we use this to generate part of the documentation for products like SMT. Works with any language. Requires Perl 4 or 5.

Generates multiplatform compile/build scripts from a single source. We use this to build the build scripts for our various products. Produces scripts for UNIX, OS/2, MS-DOS. Requires Perl 4 or 5.

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