We Provide

 Architecture, security, firewalls, and proxies in networking

Applications and Oracle databases 7.x, 8.x, and 9.x

 Linux, Sun, and others use Unix.

 Microsoft: integration and support for all goods

 Web development, CVS, and code creation

Applications from the past: COBOL, CICS, and database reverse engineering

Integration: XML, middleware, data conversion, and interfaces

Workflow, document interchange, and digital security automation

Debian, RedHat, SuSE Linux, OpenOffice, Mozilla

Integration of Systems

We have the skills, the resources, and the ability to make your systems function as a seamless, integrated whole. To create clear and reliable information bridges across your apps, use iMatix STEP.

Open Source Deployment

 By switching your company to Linux, OpenOffice, and other open source programmes, we can help you save money. Learn the rationale behind why businesses all around the world have concluded that now is the time to consider open source for dependability and cost savings. (top)

Network Protection

At reasonable prices, our network security experts will install and maintain your firewall system. We can assist you in selecting, configuring, and maintaining the right solution for you, whether you need to protect a local network at your workplace or an international company. (top)

Applications Restoration

Do you use any software that you find difficult to update? You can regain control over outdated databases and apps with the assistance of our experts. Use our reverse engineering tools to replace them or neatly integrate them into a contemporary system. (top)

Internet Development

The Xitami web server was provided to you by iMatix, and we are now ready to help you create web apps for Windows or Unix. We will offer the most comprehensive solution at the best price, from business analysis to integration and deployment. (top)

Regulatory Audits

Experiencing issues with a deployment? To learn the truth, you need replies from people you can rely on. Our technological experts have a genuinely long history Order Processing

Rapid order fulfilment for both internal and external vendors is essential for cost management. Technology and essential elements for enterprise-level order fulfilment workflow solutions are offered by iMatix.(top)

ETK Assistance

We offer support for OpenVMS and Unix as well as all other platforms for the ETK software development too.

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